Chat Room

Hey! On this page I will ask a question, or start a discussion, and all you guys have to do, is reply in the comment section below, you're thoughts on the topic, or answers for the question!

Question 1: Who is your favorite band?

Answer to Question 1:
My favorite band is One Direction!



First Question:
What are you most excited about for the new school year?
What are you dreading?
And, what should I post about on this blog?
~The Fashion Insider xx


  1. Answer to Q1:
    I'm super excited for back to school shopping! But I'm not excited for tests and exams. ��.
    As for what you should post: ootd, ootw, hairstyle ideas, room tour, room DIY, outfit ideas, DIY, reviews, etc. ☺️
    -Cinnamon Grace xx
    (I LOVE your blog!! & I'm waiting for a new post ��)

  2. Hello Cinnamon Grace!
    Thank you so much for your ideas. :)
    Tests always make me nervous, but if you study hard you'll do great on them!
    I will be posting soon so stay tuned.
    ~The Fashion Insider xx