About me

Hello. My name is Emma (AKA: The Fashion Insider), and I hope I don't get annoying.
Here we go.

What are your favorite movies?
27 dresses, The devil wears prada, divergent, catching fire, the hunger games.

What are your favorite songs?
Story of my life, Cool kids, Really don't care, problem, and Treachorous.

What are your favorite colors?
Well. What a deep question. Mint green, lavender, and coral are my favorites.

What are your hobbies?
I've been avoiding this one, but here it comes...
I write books, read books, pretend I'm a pro photographer, cry over fictional characters deaths, think about fictional characters, bug my family by talking about fictional characters, pretend I'm on a beach, I dance (mostly ballet), stay up late texting and playing stupid addicting apps, make ridiculous outfits, paint my nails a dozen times, -put-dashes-between-every-single-word-because-it-is-fun-and-who-needs-spaces, I sing, act weird, eat food, make food, drink food-wait no. I wgatch nevermind, I actually get anxious while watching The amazing race (GO SUKHI AND JINDER!!!!!!!!), and also the next star (GO NISSITA!!!!!!!!), and lastly I get nervous about school because WHO THE HECK DOESN'T?!!


What is something unique about yourself?
I have something called: EHGFD, Extreme Hunger Games Fan Disorder. And I do my hearts like this: <4 <4 <4 <4

What is a lie you were once tol
That Tobias Eaton (AKA: Four) has 4 fears. I am pretty sure that if he met us Divergent fans he'd have a 5th fear.

What is a quote you like?
"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore,"
"Autumn leaves falling down just like pieces into place."


Talk later guys!
Keep smiling :)
~The Fashion Insider


  1. I'm a HUGE fan of your blog!! You remind me a lot of Bethany Mota! (She's awesome!) this page is super funny ��.
    -Willow Grace

  2. Thank you so much Willow Grace!
    Is Cinnamon Grace related to you?
    And Bethany Mota is my favorite YouTuber!!
    ~The Fashion Insider xx